No doubt the holidays this year are going to be a little different. We’re spending more time at home, hosting more intimate family gatherings. This doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your home and decorate for your favorite season!

The holiday season is already stress-inducing, add in a worldwide pandemic and stress levels skyrocket. You need your home to be a place of rest and relaxation, especially if entertaining family and friends is on your holiday checklist. All while keeping it show ready for those buyers without being too distracting, where’s the balance?

Here are a few tips to keep your home ready for family gatherings AND showings:

Make an Entrance: That first impression is what people remember when they walk in. Add a seasonal potted plant or wreath to the door and a welcome mat. When guests enter your home a bright floral arrangement on the entry table and a welcoming holiday scent are appealing (don’t over do it!)   

Don’t Look Down: Clean floors make everything seem a little more clean! Use a Roomba for everyday cleanup and do a thorough sweep before showings. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, make sure you clean your carpets a few days ahead of time so they have a chance to properly dry.

Holiday Decor: If you’re a Christmas decoration enthusiast like me, you’ve been waiting months to get out those red oversized Tupperwares. If your home is on the market, try to avoid anything too distracting otherwise that’s all a buyer will be focused on. Maybe trade the lawn inflatables this year for simple white lights and an oversized wreath. Avoid overkill of countertop displays and interior light strings, a little less Elf and a little more Joanna Gaines.

Appliances: Your appliances are doing a lot of the heavy lifting during the holiday season. Make sure the oven and stove top are fully functioning and clean. Do a deep clean of the fridge before it gets loaded down with all of those leftovers. Clearing off magnets and other miscellaneous items always make the kitchen appear more tidy.

Light the Path: It’s that time of year when sunset comes early, don’t leave your guests in the dark! A few solar lights along your driveway or the path to your front door will do wonders for a welcoming entrance. Always open all the blinds for showings so your home is bright and inviting- no one likes a cave.

Don’t let the idea of entertaining during the holidays while your home is listed deter you, this family time is important! Use it as an opportunity to make impactful showing enhancements with some holiday cheer sprinkled in. Just a few simple updates can make your home more home-y and make family and friends (and buyers) feel welcome and festive. 

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Callum is a young and energetic licensed Realtor® who is based in Fort Myers, Florida. Callum is quickly making a name for himself as a driven agent who uses the most up-to-date real estate technology to sell homes in the way they should be in the 21st Century. Callum joined LISTED Realty in 2020, and works in partnership with his dad, who is also a licensed professional, to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Callum is still single, and when he's not working you're likely to find him working out at the gym or playing soccer with his local team.

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