We all know home buyers start their search online, but the stats are crazy. After reading this article I checked my own buyer’s portal on ListingBook- a search portal for my buyers and sellers that pulls real time MLS listings, comps, taxes, etc (email me if you want to get set up, it’s free of course, and real time with the local MLS, 100% accurate with the market, unlike some other sites you might be using…). I can see who logged in when, what they ‘favorited,’ and any notes they leave on property. The active buyers are using it every day, but guess what? 75% of them who closed on their property over a year ago, are still logging in and looking around. Why? Because it’s interesting, and how many times have you heard ‘oh I saw this great house on Cran St- you should check it out.’

Check out this article from Google on home buyers shopping habits…

Americans spend an average of 55 minutes per online visit with real estate apps on their phones, according to new research unveiled by Google.

Basically, “customers roll over in the morning and start looking at real estate listings [on their phone],” John Thornton, a partner in Google’s real estate business, said about the study’s findings.

69% of respondents Google surveyed call “shopping for real estate fun” from their phone and online. In fact, Americans are so addicted to home shopping online that 64% say they keep checking out houses and home values even after they purchase a home. The Google study also finds that people start hunting on real estate sites 3 years before they buy on average. Also, 1 in 5 of the people checking out homes on real estate apps and websites are actually in the current market to purchase a home, the study found.

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Callum is a young and energetic licensed Realtor® who is based in Fort Myers, Florida. Callum is quickly making a name for himself as a driven agent who uses the most up-to-date real estate technology to sell homes in the way they should be in the 21st Century. Callum joined LISTED Realty in 2020, and works in partnership with his dad, who is also a licensed professional, to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Callum is still single, and when he's not working you're likely to find him working out at the gym or playing soccer with his local team.

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