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You have worked extremely hard on building up the equity in your home over the years, so why would you give more of it away than you have to when it’s time to sell?

With our unique flat-fee listing model you get to have all of the positives of hiring a full-service broker, while enjoying the savings that come with working with a flat-fee broker.

Simply move the slider along to the level that closely matches your home value to see how much you could save when you choose to sell your home with me…

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Savings when you sell with LISTED Realty:

*Note: savings compared to a 3% listing commission for comparison.  

We’re Not Only About Saving You Money, But We Also Want To EXCEED All Your Expectations!

There is a minimum expectation that all sellers ought to have when they hire a broker to sell their property, but at LISTED Realty we believe that we should ALWAYS offer our MAXIMUM effort for each home-seller that we work with. There is no cutting corners with what we do, regardless of the value of a house. Our objective is to sell every property that is trusted to us as quickly as possible, for the best price possible – and doing it all while saving our customers money.

How do we do that? It’s simple, we use the latest real estate technology to get as many eyes on our customers homes as possible – and then, to save you money, our commission isn’t charged as a percentage of your home’s sales price, but instead you simply pay us a low flat-fee for the work that we do. Over the years we have saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars in listing commissions by using this model, and we want to do the same for you too!

Why I Chose Listed Realty

Callum GardnerWhen I started my career as a licensed real estate agent I really wanted to find a broker that had modern ideas. Since I came from a real estate photography and videography background, I was approached by a several larger brokerages that asked me to join their firms. I did go and speak to a number of them, and as excellent as they all appeared to be, the one thing that struck me was that everyone was saying the exact same thing (but using different words). Each company that I spoke to said they were different from their competitors but no one could tell me anything specific that made them different , other than their name, or that they were either part of a big franchise or they were a small independent boutique agency (both of which have pros and cons). When it came down to the services that were on offer to their customers, there really was no recognizable difference.

Prior to joining LISTED Realty, I did work for a couple of other brokers, but I can’t say that I was ever completely happy because I really was always a small fish in very large ponds struggling to be noticed among the bigger fish who had been there a lot longer. I I have been with LISTED Realty for a little over a year now and have sold a number of homes for my clients, literally saving them thousands of dollars every time. The satisfaction that I get when I sell a home and show my clients how much money they have saved in commissions is immeasurable, and something I plan on continuing to do for a long time.  Callum Gardner Realtor® Tel: (239) 223-8224

Check Out Some of the Great Homes we have sold…and the Savings Our Customers Have Achieved!
4875 E Riverside Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33905
2 bed | 3 bath | 1,130 sqft

Ron and Denise saved $8995*

11299 Callaway Greens Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33913
3 bed | 2 bath | 1,688 sqft

Steve and Karen saved $4450*

8771 Estero Blvd #301, Bonita Springs, FL 33931
1 bed | 1 bath | 780 sqft

David and Lisa saved $5830*

* when compared to paying a 3% listing fee

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Looking to Buy a New Property or Sell an Existing One? I Can Help You With Both!
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More About Marco

Marco Island is a small sea island, or barrier island, on the Gulf Coast of the United States. Located 20 miles (32 km) south of Naples in Collier County, Florida it is 198 nautical miles to Havana. It is the largest of the Ten Thousand Islands. Marco Island is a beach and boating resort island with a small-town character. It is home to the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort and Hilton Marco Island Resort, a golf club, a yacht club, a country club, several parks, and nature areas. The six-mile crescent beach on Marco Island is among the widest in Florida and features bright white, sugar sand and bountiful shelling opportunities. There are two public access locations with parking and amenities (Tigertail and South Beach), a private beach complex for residents (Residents’ Beach) and a private parking area for residents (Sarazen Park at South Beach), and two other public access points (with no amenities). Access to offshore island beaches, such as Keewaydin, are conveniently accessed by boat or tours. Marco is close to the shopping and restaurants of Naples.

Marco Island is a principal city of the Naples–Marco Island Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 16,413 at the 2010 census. It was ranked as the sixth most affluent metro area in the nation.[citation needed] The population more than doubles in size during the winter season. A daily ferry connects the island to Key West.

Marco Island is the largest barrier island within Southwest Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands area extending southerly to Cape Sable. Parts of the island have some scenic, high elevations relative to the generally flat south Florida landscape. Like the city of Naples to the north, Marco Island has a tropical climate; specifically a tropical wet and dry or savanna type (Aw under the Köppen system). It is known for its distinct wet and dry seasons, with most of the rainfall falling between the months of June and October.

Percentage Fee Broker v Flat-Fee Broker

When selling a house, it’s essential to understand the various ways that you can save money on your commission. For example, some representatives charge flat charges, while others need sellers to pay them a percentage commissions based off of how much they sell their home for. So which is the much better option for you?

What Does A Seller’s Agent Do To Earn Their Commission?

There are numerous reasons why working with a representative might be a better alternative than trying to deal with the sale of your house yourself. Agents have gain access to and insight into what it takes to efficiently market a home. When it pertains to setting the prices of your home it’s crucial to price it properly if you want to reduce the variety of days that it remains unsold. Representatives use what is known as a comparative market analysis (CMA) utilizes various types of local information to determine different costs that your house might sell for, depending on whether you are searching for a quick sale, or are prepared to wait it out in order get top dollar. In addition, when setting rates on their own, house owners tend to utilize emotional information which actually has no bearing on what a house buyer wants to pay, or what a mortgage institution is willing to lend on such a house. Real estate representatives know this and price the homes accordingly.

The second reason why you need to think about dealing with a property agent is since they will work out the sale on your behalf. Negotiation can be complicated, and it’s essential that you have somebody who has experience in these kinds of negotiations on your side. It’s highly likely that most purchasers will be working with an experience agent (because there is no charge for them to have this advantage), and an excellent representative is going to exploit every weak point that you may have when it pertains to negotiating in order to get a better offer for their customer.

Third, agents bring Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance coverage. The complexities of a real estate transaction and the exacting information can be a breeding ground for mistakes. These are typically minor or unintended but still liable to cause legal procedures if the buyer is not satisfied with any issue discovered after the sale of the house has actually been completed. E&O Insurance safeguards versus any prospective liability from errors dedicated in your place during the sales procedure and if they occur to be major then E&O Insurance will cover the legal costs.

What Is An Agents Cost When It Comes To Selling A Home?

Excellent agents understand how to successfully market a home in all kinds of market conditions. The reality is innovation is making the online house selling procedure a lot easier and even more efficient. Innovation allows agents to list a house in less time, with less manual work required on their part. For a lot of agents this has been not reflected in the quantity that they charge their sellers for listing their houses. Nevertheless, flat-fee brokers do acknowledge this by charging a lower amount than would be paid when compared to be charged 2-3% of a home’s sales price as commission.

No matter whether a commission is being charged as a percentage or a flat-fee, the same amount of effort should be made to market a home so that it offers rapidly and at the very best price possible. In a perfect world this would be a reality, however unfortunately it does not appear to be the case. If you interview 5 different agents relating to the sales of your house, you will probably get 5 various descriptions on exactly what they will do to assist you get your house sold. Some agents do just taking the photographs of the home, along with the details of the house, and put them onto the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database, and simply wait on purchasing agents to bring potential purchasers to see the house. It gets worse when some representatives choose to bypass the expenses of expert photography to ensure the home exists as well as possible online, and will take photos with their cellphones and use those. So their costs would be minimal.

Then you have the more professional representatives who will invest their own money (or their brokers’ money) to not just have expert photos, but also video, 3D virtual tours, in addition to paper and online advertising (i.e. they are in fact making an effort to try and discover a buyer in addition to offering a house). With these agents the expenses for marketing a home will be hundreds, and depending upon the location, maybe even thousands of dollars. So the decision on exactly how much a representative wants to invest in marketing dollars actually will depend upon the possible return on their investment when your house eventually offers. Therefore, a representative who is going to make 3% commission, is probably most likely to invest more cash than an agent who is only going to make 2%.

So with this being stated, you might ask with that reasoning, won’t a percentage based representative spend more money on marketing than a flat-fee commissioned representative? A lot of time that is likely to be the case, and you will find flat-fee brokers out there who will freely market that they not do anything more than include your property information and photographs that you need to provide into the MLS. Then you have full-service flat-fee brokers like LISTED Realty in Fort Myers who use the exact same services that you would get out of a percentage based broker. As a representative with LISTED Realty, I provide professional photography, professional videography, a 3D virtual tour and online marketing for all of my listings regardless of how much your home is going to be sold for, because I think it’s my responsibility to do whatever in my power to help get a house offered quickly and effectively. How much commission I make would not be a driving element for my marketing efforts.

So, Which Is The Best Option– A Percentage Based Broker Or A Flat-Fee Broker?

Plainly any home seller, when they choose an agent to help them sell their houses is efficiency and worth. There is no point in cutting the quantity that you will pay in commission if you select an agent who can’t sell your house and it sits on the marketplaces for months and months, and you find yourself continuing to pay a home loans, insurance coverages, taxes, and so on, which work out to be more than the extra commission you would have paid to an even more effective representative who might offer your house quicker. Preferably, you would have the very best of both worlds, where you can have the complete suite of sales, marketing and support services of your agent and their broker, however paying as little in agents’ commission as you can.

When you talk to possible agents that you may want to work with, don’t only ask them for specifics on how they’re going to market the house for you, and what extra administrative assistance is being offered, likewise ask for something called a Seller’s Net Sheet, which provides a total breakdown of all the expenses connected with offering a particular home to compute how much the seller can anticipate to bank when their home has been offered. A Seller’s Net Sheet will include all of the representatives’ commissions amongst the other costs.

As soon as you have all of the information above, then you ought to be able to make an informed decision on which option is best for you.

If you are thinking of selling your home in Marco or any of the surrounding areas and would like to know more about the flat-fee, full broker service from LISTED Realty please call me at (239) 223-8224 and let’s schedule an appointment to talk.