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{You have|You’ve} worked {extremely hard|hard} on {increasing|building up} the equity {in|on} your home over {time|the years}, so {why would you|why|why should you} give more of it away than you have to when {it’s time to sell|you sell it}?

{Our unique full-service flat-fee model gives|With our unique flat-fee listing model you get to have} all of the {positives|benefits} of {hiring|working with} a full-service broker, while {saving the $1000’s that you {you might expect|benefit from} when {you {select|choose}|working with}|enjoying the savings that come with working with} a flat-fee broker.

(To see the possible savings you can make when you {select|choose} {me|LISTED Realty} as your selling agent, {just|simple} move the slider to the level that is close to {the current value of your home|how much you think your house {would be valued at|is worth}}| Simply move the slider along to the level that closely matches your home value to see how much you {could|can potentially} save when you {select|choose} to {list|sell} your home with {me|LISTED Realty}}…

Home Price:
Savings when you sell with LISTED Realty:

*Note: savings compared to a 3% listing commission for comparison.  

We{‘re| Are} Not {Just About|Only About} Saving You Money, But We Also {Intend On EXCEEDING ALL Of|Want To EXCEED All} Your Expectations!

There is a minimum expectation that all sellers {should|ought to} have when they {choose|select|hire} a broker to {list|sell} their {home|property}, {but|however} at LISTED Realty we believe that we {should|must|need to} ALWAYS {offer|give} our {BEST|MAXIMUM} effort {for every|for each|for every single} home-seller that we work with. There {are no corners cut|is no cutting corners} with what we do, {regardless of|no matter} the value of {a home|a house}. Our {major goal|objective} is to sell every {home|property} that is trusted to us as {quickly|rapidly} as possible, {for the best|for the very best} {price|sales price} possible – and doing it all while saving our {customers|clients} money.

How do we do that? {We simply|It’s simple, we} use the {most up-to-date|latest} real estate technology to {take your home to the eyes of as many potential home-buyers|get as many eyes on our customers homes} as possible – and then, {we save you money by charging a flat-fee instead of a percentage of the selling price of your home|to save you money, our commission isn’t charged as a percentage of your home’s sales price, but instead you simply pay us a low flat-fee} for the work that we do. Over the years we have saved our customers {many|tens of} thousands of dollars in listing commissions by using this model, and we {would like|want} to do the same for you too!

Why I Chose Listed Realty

Callum GardnerWhen I {became| started my career as} a licensed real estate agent I {wanted to| preferred to| really wanted to} {find| join} a {brokerage| broker} that had {progressive| modern} ideas. {Coming from| Since I came from} a real estate photography and videography background, I was {approached| contacted} by a {number of| many| several} larger brokerages {who| that} {wanted| asked} me to join their {firms| companies}. I did go and {talk to| speak with| speak to} a {number of| few of} them, and as {good| excellent} as they all {sounded| appeared to be}, the {one thing| something| the main thing} that struck me was that {everyone| all of them were} was saying the {same| exact same} thing (but using different words). Each {company| broker} that I spoke to said they were {different from their competitors| unique} but {no one| none of them} could {explain| tell me} anything specific that made {all the difference| them different} , {other than| apart from} their name, or that they {were part of| were either part of} a {big| large} franchise or they were a small independent {boutique agency| brokerage} (both of which have pros and cons). When it {came to| related to| came down to} the services that were on offer to their customers, there really was no {identifiable| recognizable} difference.

{Before|Prior to} joining LISTED Realty, I {did work|worked} for a couple of other brokers, but I {can’t say that I was ever|was never} completely happy because I {was always the|really was always a} small fish in {very large ponds|a very large pond} struggling to be noticed among the bigger fish who {were swimming with me|had been there a lot longer}. I {decided I needed to make change {and then one day I|and|then} {happened upon|came across} LISTED Realty {with|and} their model of selling homes for flat-fee commissions, and {decided to find out more about the model|became intrigued with the idea}. While doing my research I spoke to {a number of|multiple} agents, {most|all} of who tried to steer me away from this model – not {because they thought that|because} it was inferior and offered {less value|less service|less} to the {seller|home sellers}, but because it meant I would earn less {commission for each sale that I made|commission}. {Obviously|I know} this fact would probably steer a lot of agents away from wanting to offer it, but I remember when I was growing up my dad always used to tell me that when I start working, my priority should always be about {finding|doing} something that I love, and always {focus on doing|doing} the best job {that I possibly can|possible}. In other words, I should always take pride in what I do. He always stressed that money {shouldn’t|should never} be {my main priority|the number 1 priority  for me} because if I {only focused on the money, then I would probably lose focus on the enjoyment of the job and giving it my best effort|focused on the first two things, money would eventually come, but  if I focused on money first, it didn’t mean the other two would follow}.

{Once I spoke to|After speaking to} the broker at LISTED Realty, I quickly {found out|realized} that her goals for the brokerage were completely {aligned|in line} with my own, and her {primary objective|passion} was not about earning as much money as possible, but {instead on|on} {growing|building} a brokerage {with a reputation for being trustworthy and|that is trusted and known for} offering a {high-quality|quality} service at a fair price. Since being with LISTED Realty I| I have been with LISTED Realty for a little over a year now and} have sold a number of homes for my clients, literally saving them thousands of dollars {every|each} time. The satisfaction that I get when I sell a home and show my clients how much money they have saved in commissions is immeasurable, and something I plan on continuing to do for a long time.  Callum Gardner Realtor® Tel: (239) 223-8224

Check Out Some of the Great Homes we have sold…and the Savings Our Customers Have Achieved!
4875 E Riverside Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33905
2 bed | 3 bath | 1,130 sqft

Ron and Denise saved $8995*

11299 Callaway Greens Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33913
3 bed | 2 bath | 1,688 sqft

Steve and Karen saved $4450*

8771 Estero Blvd #301, Bonita Springs, FL 33931
1 bed | 1 bath | 780 sqft

David and Lisa saved $5830*

* when compared to paying a 3% listing fee

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{Comparing Percentage Fee Brokers Against Flat-Fee Brokers|Percentage Fee Broker v Flat-Fee Broker|Why a {city} Flat-Fee MLS Broker May Be a Better Option For You}

When {selling|offering} {a home|a house}, it’s {important|essential|crucial} to {know|understand} the {different|various} {ways that|manner ins which} you can {save|conserve} money on your commission. {For example|For instance}, some {agents|representatives} charge flat {fees|charges|costs}, while others {require|need} sellers to pay them a percentage commissions based off of {how much|just how much} they {sell|offer} their {property|residential or commercial property|home} for. So which is the {better|much better} {option|choice|alternative} for you?

What Does A Seller’s Agent Do To Earn Their Commission?

There are {many|numerous|lots of} {reasons why|reasons|reasons that} {working with|dealing with} {an agent|a representative} might be {a better|a much better} {option|choice|alternative} than {trying|attempting} to {handle|deal with|manage} the sale of your {home|house} yourself. {Agents|Representatives} have {access|gain access to} and insight into what it {takes to|requires to} {effectively|efficiently|successfully} market {a home|a house}. When it {comes to|concerns|pertains to} setting the {sales price|prices|list prices} of your {home|house} it’s {important|essential|crucial} to price it {correctly|properly} if you {want to|wish to} {reduce|decrease|minimize|lower} the {number of|variety of} days that it {remains|stays} unsold. {Agents|Representatives} {use|utilize} what is {known as|referred to as|called} a comparative market analysis (CMA) {uses|utilizes} {different|various} {types of|kinds of} {local|regional} {data|information} to {figure out|determine|find out} {different|various} {prices|costs|rates} that your {home|house} {might|may} {sell for|cost}, {depending on|depending upon} whether you are {looking for|searching for|trying to find} {a quick|a fast} sale, or are prepared to wait it out in order get top dollar. In addition, when setting {prices|costs|rates} {by themselves|on their own}, {homeowners|property owners|house owners} tend to {use|utilize} {emotional|psychological} {information|info|details} which {really|truly|actually} has no bearing on what {a home|a house} {purchaser|buyer} {is willing|wants} to pay, or what {a mortgage|a home loan|a home mortgage} {institution|organization} {is willing|wants} to {lend|provide} on such {a home|a house}. {Real estate|Realty|Property} {agents|representatives} {know|understand} this and {price|cost|rate} the {homes|houses} {accordingly|appropriately}.

The {second|2nd} {reason why|reason|reason that} you {should|ought to|must|need to} {consider|think about} {working with|dealing with} {a real estate|a realty|a property} {agent|representative} is {because|since|due to the fact that} they will {negotiate|work out} the sale {on your behalf|in your place}. {Negotiation|Settlement} can be {complicated|made complex}, and it’s {important|essential|crucial} that you have {someone|somebody} who has experience in these {types of|kinds of} {negotiations|settlements} {on your side|in your corner}. It’s {highly|extremely} {likely|most likely} that {most|many|a lot of|the majority of} {buyers|purchasers} will be {working with|dealing with} an experience {agent|representative} ({since|because|considering that|given that} there is {no cost|no charge} for them to have this {benefit|advantage}), and {a good|a great|an excellent} {agent|representative} is going to {exploit|make use of} every {weakness|weak point} that you {might|may} have when it {comes to|concerns|pertains to} {negotiating|working out} in order to get {a better|a much better} {deal|offer} for their {client|customer}.

Third, {agents|representatives} {carry|bring} Errors & Omissions (E&O) {insurance|insurance coverage}. The {complexities|intricacies} of {a real estate|a realty|a property} {transaction|deal} and the exacting {details|information} can be {a breeding ground|a breeding place} for {mistakes|errors}. These are {often|frequently|typically} {minor|small} or {inadvertent|unintended|unintentional} {but|however} still liable to {cause|trigger} legal {proceedings|procedures} if the {buyer|purchaser} is not {satisfied|pleased} with any {problem|issue} {discovered|found} after the sale of the {home|house} {has|has actually} been {completed|finished}. E&O Insurance {protects|safeguards|secures} {against|versus} any {potential|prospective|possible} liability from {errors|mistakes} {committed|dedicated|devoted} {on your behalf|in your place} {during|throughout} the sales {process|procedure} and if they {happen|occur|take place} to be {major|significant} then E&O Insurance will cover the legal {costs|expenses}.

What Is An Agents Cost When It Comes To Selling A Home?

{Good|Great|Excellent} {agents|representatives} {know|understand} how to {effectively|efficiently|successfully} market a home in all {kinds of|type of|sort of} market conditions. The {reality|truth} is {technology|innovation} is making the online {home|house} {selling|offering} {process|procedure} {much easier|a lot easier} and {far more|much more|even more} {efficient|effective}. {Technology|Innovation} {allows|enables|permits} {agents|representatives} to {list|note} {a house|a home} in less time, with less {manual work|manual labor} {required|needed} on their part. For {most|many|a lot of|the majority of} {agents|representatives} this {has|has actually} been not {reflected|shown} in the {amount|quantity} that they charge their sellers for listing their {homes|houses}. {However|Nevertheless}, flat-fee brokers do acknowledge this by charging a lower {amount|quantity} than would be paid when compared to be charged 2-3% of {a home|a house}’s {sales price|prices|list prices} as commission.

{Regardless of|Despite|No matter} whether a commission is being charged as a percentage or a flat-fee, the {same|exact same|very same} {amount|quantity} of effort {should|ought to|must|need to} be made to market {a home|a house} so that it {sells|offers} {quickly|rapidly} and at {the best|the very best} {price|cost|rate} possible. In {an ideal|a perfect} world this would be {a reality|a truth}, {but|however} {unfortunately|sadly|regrettably} it {doesn’t|does not} {seem|appear} to be the case. If you {interview|speak with|talk to} 5 {different|various} {agents|representatives} {regarding|concerning|relating to} the sales of your {home|house}, you will {probably|most likely} get 5 {different|various} {explanations|descriptions} on {exactly|precisely} what they will do to {help|assist} you get your {home|house} {sold|offered}. Some {agents|representatives} do {as little as|as low as|just} taking the {photographs|photos|pictures} of the {home|house}, {along with|together with|in addition to} the {details|information} of the {home|house}, and put them onto the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database, and {simply|just|merely} {wait for|wait on|await} {buying|purchasing} {agents|representatives} to bring {potential|prospective|possible} {buyers|purchasers} to {view|see} the {home|house}. It {gets worse|becomes worse|worsens} when some {agents|representatives} {choose|select|pick} to {forego|bypass} the {costs|expenses} of {professional|expert} photography to {ensure|guarantee|make sure} the {home|house} {is presented|exists} {as well as|in addition to|along with} possible online, and will take {photographs|photos|pictures} with their {cellphones|mobile phones|cellular phones} and {use|utilize} those. So their {costs|expenses} would be {minimal|very little}.

Then you have the more {professional|expert} {agents|representatives} who will invest their own {money|cash} (or their brokers’ {money|cash}) to not {only|just} have {professional|expert} {photographs|photos|pictures}, {but|however} {also|likewise} video, 3D virtual tours, {along with|together with|in addition to} {newspaper|paper} and online {advertising|marketing} (i.e. they are {actually|really|in fact} making an effort to {try|attempt} and {find|discover} {a buyer|a purchaser} {as well as|in addition to|along with} {selling|offering} {a home|a house}). With these {agents|representatives} the {costs|expenses} for marketing {a home|a house} will be hundreds, and {depending on|depending upon} the {location|place|area}, {maybe even|perhaps even} {thousands of|countless} dollars. So the {decision|choice} on {exactly|precisely} {how much|just how much} {an agent|a representative} {is willing|wants} to {spend on|invest in} marketing dollars {really|truly|actually} will {depend on|depend upon} the {potential|prospective|possible} return on their {investment|financial investment} when {the house|your home|your house} {eventually|ultimately} {sells|offers}. {Therefore|For that reason}, {an agent|a representative} who is going to {earn|make} 3% commission, is {probably|most likely} {more likely|most likely} to {spend|invest} more {money|cash} than {an agent|a representative} who is {only|just} going to {earn|make} 2%.

So with this being {said|stated}, you might ask with that {logic|reasoning}, {won’t|will not} a percentage based {agent|representative} {spend|invest} more {money|cash} on marketing than a flat-fee commissioned {agent|representative}? {A lot of|A great deal of} time that is {likely|most likely} to be the case, and you will {find|discover} flat-fee brokers out there who will {openly|freely|honestly} {advertise|promote|market} that they {do nothing|not do anything} more than {add|include} your {property|residential or commercial property|home} {details|information} and {photographs|photos|pictures} that you {have to|need to} {provide|offer|supply} into the MLS. Then you have full-service flat-fee brokers like LISTED Realty in Fort Myers who {offer|provide|use} the {exact|precise|specific} {same|very same} services that you would {expect from|anticipate from|get out of} a percentage based broker. As {an agent|a representative} with LISTED Realty, I {provide|offer|supply} {professional|expert} photography, {professional|expert} videography, a 3D virtual {tour|trip} and {online marketing|internet marketing} for all of my listings {regardless of|despite|no matter} {how much|just how much} {the house|your home|your house} is going to be {sold for|cost}, {because|since|due to the fact that} I {believe|think} it’s my {duty|responsibility|task} to do {everything|whatever} in my power to {help|assist} get {a home|a house} {sold|offered} {quickly|rapidly} and {efficiently|effectively}. {How much|Just how much} commission I {earn|make} would not be a driving {factor|element|aspect} for my marketing efforts.

So, Which Is The Best Option– A Percentage Based Broker Or A Flat-Fee Broker?

{Clearly|Plainly} any {home|house} seller, when they {choose|select|pick} {an agent|a representative} to help them {sell|offer} their {homes|houses} is {efficiency|effectiveness|performance} and {value|worth}. There is no point in cutting the {amount|quantity} that you will pay in commission if you {choose|select|pick} {an agent|a representative} who can’t {sell|offer} your {home|house} and it {sits on|rests on} {the markets|the marketplaces} for months and months, and you find yourself continuing to pay {a mortgages|a home loans|a home mortgages}, {insurances|insurance coverages}, taxes, {etc|and so on}, which {work out|exercise} to be more than the {additional|extra} commission you would have paid to {a far more|a much more|an even more} {efficient|effective} {agent|representative} who {could|might} {sell|offer} your {house|home} quicker. {Ideally|Preferably}, you would have {the best|the very best} of both worlds, where you can have the {complete|total} suite of sales, marketing and {support|assistance} services of your {agent|representative} and their broker, {but|however} paying as little in {agents|representatives}’ commission as you can.

When you {speak to|talk to|speak with} {potential|prospective|possible} {agents|representatives} that you {might|may} {want to|wish to} {work with|deal with}, {don’t|do not} {only|just} {ask them|ask|inquire} for specifics on how they’re going to market the {home|house} for you, and what {additional|extra} administrative {support|assistance} is being {offered|provided|used}, {also|likewise} {ask them|ask|inquire} for something called a Seller’s Net Sheet, which {gives|provides|offers} {a complete|a total} breakdown of all the {costs|expenses} {associated with|connected with|related to} {selling|offering} {a particular|a specific} {home|house} to {calculate|determine|compute} {how much|just how much} the seller can {expect|anticipate} to bank {once|when|as soon as} their {home|house} {has|has actually} been {sold|offered}. A Seller’s Net Sheet will {include|consist of} all of the {agents|representatives}’ commissions {among|amongst} the other {costs|expenses}.

{Once|When|As soon as} you have all of the {information|info|details} above, then you {should|ought to|must|need to} {be able to|have the ability to} make {an informed|a notified} {decision|choice} on which {option|choice|alternative} is best for you.

If you are thinking of selling your home in {city} or any of the surrounding areas, and would like to know more about the flat-fee, full broker service from LISTED Realty please call me at (239) 223-8224 and let’s schedule an appointment to talk.